Drone Guy Aussie Road Trip Supporters Shop

All profits from the Drone Guy Aussie Road Trip shop go towards the day to day running this great Drone Aerial Photography and film around Australia overland adventure.

Thank you for this well needed support, every dollar counts.

Photographers Camera Jewellery and Bling
Jewellery for Photographers, are you looking for something a little different try one of our pieces of Camera Jewellery. By perchasing our jewellery you contribute to our Drone Guy Aussie Road Trip and buy's us equipment, puts food on our table or fuel in the tank, travelling this great country does not come cheap.
Drone Landing Pads, Drone Car Decals, Social Media Stickers, Bumper Stickers
Drone Take off & Landing Pads, Drone Car and Van Decal, Social Media and Bumper Stickers Facebook, Instagram and Youtube Stickers. Stickers also great for shop fronts, cars and anywhere the Facebook logo needs to be displayed. This sticker is die-cut to the shape of the design.

Orders posted out same day payment is received.

All profits go to the day to day running of the Drone Guy Aussie Ro...
Drone Guy information and fly Days
Drone Guy information and fly Days Events, one on one or groups, notification of these events can be found on Facebook Events or by giving me a call 0407936745.

There is not much I don't know about the Drone Industry, so go on pick my brain at one of these events.

Regards Stephen
Drone Aerial Photography & Film Gift Vouchers
Drone Aerial Photography & Film Gift Vouchers are a great present that show cases that family an event, house, land, business or property, You the choice of a one or two hour drone shoot with in 30km of our current destination., being Newcastle NSW Australia.
5 Essential items for Van Life living
When I started Van Life living about 3 years ago, out of my Toyota Hiace and now my motorhome, I had spent many years and dollars working out what is essential to me for van life living and the thing I might need. It took me a long time to work out what I really needed to be comfortable and make life easy. I found I really did not need a lot, to many gadgets = clutter and space is your enemy. The ...