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The Aussie Road Trip began as a dream to travel around Australia about ten years ago and I was looking for a way to incorporate it with my job.

I have travelled all over the world and I have seen and lived in some amazing countries (one of my favourites Papua New Guinea), even though I was born in Newcastle NSW Australia and only lived up and down the east coast of Australia.

I have had a yarning to travel this great country, I new it would always be something to do with photography and when drone photography/video came along, I new then I had the right tools to do this.

Drone Guy provides unique and some times unseen aerial photography video services through out Australia and is based in Newcastle at the moment. Drone Guy (aka Stephen Wark) takes his 16 years experience in photography and film and applied it to his drones, as he calls it, just another tripod but a very good tripod.

Drone Guy Aussie Road Trip is a photography film adventure where we film and document the day to day life of this great Australian Road Trip with video episodes first coming out every month and slowly working episodes to come out every week. We will have fellow travellers and adventurers joining us along the way.

Also we will be building one of the biggest aerial photography databases Australia has ever seen, Towns, Cities and the Country side through out this beautiful country Australia, using this great technology drones as well as videos. Drone Guy Aussie Road Trip is as much about the Photography as the adventure it takes us on. So come along for the ride by donating to our Patron Page, where you will be the first to see the latest episodes or subscribe to our YouTube Channel where your get to see episodes a week later for free.

Yes! I do live in the motor home and love it, but having said that I do have a house in Port Macquarie. I follow the work all over Australia, and it makes it easy to travel and follow the work and test motorhome living.

The customers book me for a job, I travel to their location anywhere in Australia booking into a camp site or holiday park, do the job and if I have no jobs pending and I like the area I stay for a little holiday.

One of the good things about living in the motorhome, is I never have to pack or unpack when travelling in and out of town, I have everything I need with me in the motorhome.

We are based in Newcastle NSW Australia at the moment, while we setup the Drone Guy Aussie Road Trip and we have about a years worth of work in and around Newcastle and travel to Sydney a lot and all over NSW and QLD, there is so much to do over the next year to prepare for this epic adventure.

Travelling around Australia filming this great country is hard on our drones, cameras and equipment and we need to keep up to date and replace tired gear. We don’t receive any sponsor ship for our drones, cameras or equipment, we use the best gear to do the job!

If you would like to support us and see a list of all the gear we use, please Click Here! too donate a little coin to help us along the way.

Once we receive you donation, we will send you a password. return to this page and Click Here then enter your password to access the list of drones, cameras, equipment used by us and see a video tour of our motorhome. We will even let you ask us a question about our gear once you have access to this page.

If you are feel more generous take a look at our Patreon Page Click Here.

Thank You for your support.

When travelling out side Newcastle to a job or trialling a road trip I mostly stay at powered camp sites or holiday parks, when in newcastle, I tend to utilise the free sites or visit friends in the area.

Through the day I tend to park out of the way places so I don't intrude on people or there business or homes, or I go test my new drones or learn new filming skills.

I have been a photographer for the past 16 years and been flying drones for about 5 years considering how long drone photography/filming has been around I am an old hat. Am I CASA approved, this is not a simple answer! The answer is yes, but that is not how it has always been. About 5 years ago I was looking for a device that I could put on the end of a telescopic pole to tilt and pan a camera and during that process I came across this drone called Dji Phantom, so I bought it and tested it and new straight away there was a market for it's use.

So I added Drone Photography services to my website. About a month later I got this phone call from this overzealous, un introduced person telling me to take my prices off my website. My first response was to ask who am I talking too, with the answer being "I am who I say I am", my response was "and who is that!" His answer was "I am P___ P________ from CASA, (Name with held for what ever reason). So as you can imagine the tone of the conversation!

In short I took the drone services off my website for now, I did a hole lot of research and found 5 major points.

1. P___ P________ CASA drone officer quoted he had 25 years airline experience before joining CASA, Not True!

2. John Anderson a minister, had taken out of CASA brief, instead of saying "For Commercial Skys" was changed "Safe Skies for All" so CASA could not hide behind their big stick commercial, remember CASA is a Safety authority for air safety.

3. CASA said that flying for recreation as long as I stayed under 120 metres, 30 metres above general public and 3 miles from a major airport you did not need their approval, but as soon as you charge money you needed to get CASA approval, not true.

4. At that stage CASA had not changed drone Laws for over 16 years, and the drone laws that were in place were for the military uses of drones that where the size of a light plane. 5. There was an issue to do with restrictive of trade and a few other miner issues.

So myself and ex 19 year army pilot also with about the same years flying commercially ending his career flying Boing 747 and another powerbroker in the airline industry, drafted a letter sent through by Bob Baldwin federal Member to the transport minister at the time and wanted some answers. After taking a phone call from CASA head and talking through the issues with some surprising answers, I told him I had put my services back on my website and i would stay under there rules for recreation and that CASA was a safety authority and had no right to stop me flying for money gain.

CASA said that they would not answer our letter in writing and that they would not stop me from flying. Then the 2kg rule came into play, so now I have the ARN and areas submitted for where i will be flying.

I have been flying Dji Drones since about 2011, I started with the Dji Phantom, did some testing and from that day I was hooked on flying drones for the purpose of Aerial Photography, In the early days drone technology was quite raw.

So I started looking at the larger drones and settled with the Dji S800 Spreading Wing, with a Sony NEX 7 Camera and a servo gimbal. Three months later and a whole lot of work putting it together, we were in the air with mixed results. We started to get more requests for Aerial Video, so we invested in a brushless gimbal and still we had mixed results, so from then it was just a matter of waiting for the technology to catch up with the need for better camera and drone.

So after having a few more drones from the DJI Phantom series I bought the Dji Inspire 1, a more stable drone with a better camera and great gimbal then previous Dji Drones, but with cost risk assessment and my confidence in the drone, I sold the Dji Inspire 1, because in the year I owned it I flue it on only one or two commercial job, one percent of what I was flying my Dji Phantom 3 Pro and Dji Phantom 4 and now my Dji Phantom 4 Professional.

In finishing, for the market we use drones, the Phantom series of drones offer so much more for me then the larger drone, for Photography, Filming and my customers, for so many reasons.

No we are not rich! It is a lot of hard working to put this adventure together, budgeting, pay bills and work in a job just like everyone else who wants to make a dream come true, dare to dream. Here is a story InTouch Magazine wrote on Drone Guy Aussie Road Trip.

I live a little bit different then most people, some call me a hippy, some say I am alternative, but me I just think with hard work you can do and live the way you want, but you need to put in the work and take risks. It is that simple.

There are a few ways we plain to fund this Drone Guy Aussie Road Trip, one being, Photograph and film for customers along the way around Australia.

We will be filming the day to day progress in the form of Episodes, which can be viewed as soon as the episodes are uploaded, these video can be viewed on our Patreon Page first and two weeks later on youtube. For the first year about one episode per month, then fortnightly and then weekly, So if you feel we have entertained you, or informed you or you like what we do, please support us on Patreon Page or subscribe to our YouTube Channel

The commercial work we do, the people that join us along the way and sponsorship.

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