Drone Guy Diaries: Part 2 "Nude Man on Motorhome"

Nude man on the roof of Drone Guy Motorhome.

This morning (about 5.30am) while doing some computer work for a aerial drone shoot from yesterday in my motorhome, it sounded like some one had crashed into the motorhome, but in fact a man that jumped from the second store balcony on the roof of my motorhome.

The man on the roof told me to stay in the motorhome and not come out, after talking to him for a while, I then decided to go out and see what all the fuss was about. I looked up to see not just a man sitting on the roof of my motorhome, but he was totally naked.

He seamed quiet calm and quite at first and happy to sit there with a cut leg and told me he thinks his other leg was broken. He also told me that he had jumped from the balcony of the hotel building, The balcony was about 4m away from the motorhome and 6m higher then my motorhome, the man did not seam to be in a good place. So I just talked to him in a carm way until the Police and Ambulance arrived.

When the Police arrived I turned to talk to Police and when I turned back toward the man he was off the roof and standing beside the motorhome totally nude and a little uneasy the police where there. Then the ambulance turned up and between the Police and The Ambulance officers they managed to calm the man down.

I have to give a big call out to the Police and Ambulance officers, they were so professional and did a great job of calming this man down and really defusing the situation. When you witness something like this, it is great to know that we have people this professional out there looking after the general public, and then no matter what is going on in your life it does not seam to be as tough as others.

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