Drone Inspection and insurance work

Safe, Efficient, Fast, Cost Effective alternative to traditional inspection.

Inspection work with drone is a growing way to achieve three fold inspection, not just being able to inspect but to also able to review your inspection from the ease of your office at a later date and you alway have a record of the inspection. Another bonus is being beside me and view the footage live and direct me through the inspection.

*Pricing starts at $330 for a quick hand full of images.

Telephone Tower Inspections

Recently we went to Kellyville Sydney to inspect the bolts to the tower to make shore the bolts had not moved, we where able to get as close as 1.5m to the tower and hold steady and with the camera 20 megapixel 1 inch sensor we zoomed in on the photo and not just see the bolt indicator showed the bolts had not moved, we even sore the old liquid chalk marked on the top of the bolts, the detail was amazing.

Insurance inspection

For insurance company, so staff or inspector don't have to climb on roof to inspect accidents seen.

Heritage inspection

Instead of setting scaffolding and or climbing all over the building to survey heritage work needing to be done.

Restoration Work

Great to get to those hard to get to places that will be un-chuted to record the work needed to be done from the comfort of your office.

Property Inspections

If you need to inspect a future property you might be acquiring with out having to crawl all over the roof and put your self in danger.