Drone Aerial Photography Video Filming Services Australia

Based in Newcastle NSW & will travel anywhere in Australia

"Aerial Photography Video" is a subsidiary of "Drone Guy".

When you hire us, we come fully equipped with 5 Drones/UAVs from the largest manufacture in the world and latest technology.

- Dji Mavic Air (Small Drone) 12.4 meg photos, 4K Video.
- Dji Phantom 4 (medium drone) 12.4 meg photos, 4K Video.
- Dji Phantom 4 Pro (large drone) 20 meg photos, 4K Video.
- Dji Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian (large drone) 20 meg photos, 4K Video.
- Dji Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian Plus (large drone) 20 meg photos, 4K Video.

CASA Approved - ARN 1016901 - Public Liability $20m

Aerial Photography Video Filming

Both of these drones/UAVs have their different capabilities and by having these two drones on the job, gives us the tools we need to do the job at hand. Aerial Photography Video and Film services provides low level aerial photography, 4k HD-video footage, and 12 meg RAW imagery anywhere. We operate from the ground, which allows us to include the customer in the photo / video selection process.

Mining, Quarry, Construction and Road Works

Do you need imagery of you Mine, Quarry, Construction site, Road works, for planning, progression of the build, a record of the material on the job, Insurance damage, Training videos, promotion, or for a large print on the wall etc...

Development and Apartment views

We have worked with developers, planners and architects for the past 4 years with drones (and used helicopters prior to this) to show the aspect view from the apartments and hi rise building through out Australia and New Zealand, from the view of each apartment so you get a true view for your customer or a 360 degree video of the view from that apartment and or the apartment true level.

Roof Inspections and Hard to get too places

Faster, safer and cheaper than using scaffolding. We have been used to inspect roof for heritage work so instead of setting up scaffolding and going back and forth to the site you are able to one guide me to the spot of concern some times half a meter from the building and then go back at your office and keep reviewing the 4K hires footage or put a 7.8 megabyte photo from the footage.

Real Estate, Farms, Land and Property

Do you have a House, Farm, block of land or property you need a unique photo or video of, to show size, location to beach, lake, river, shop, school etc... we can work with you the Real Estate agent or deal directly with your customer, photos and or video are ready next working day in most cases.

Wedding Drone Photography and Video Filming service

If you are looking to highlight your wedding photography from the air with unique photos and or video, to showcase and demonstrate the unique location you are to be married or loctions for after ceremony photo locations. Aerial Drone photography will achieve all of this.

Movies and Television

We have travelled all over Australia filming Movie sets, TV and youtube advertisement, training videos, corporate videos, wildlife videos, documentaries and special projects, whether on the one set for a week or 30 different location in the one day, if it can be done we will perform for your needs. 4K footage at 30 frames and up to 13 megabyte files for promotional photos.

Drone Aerial Photos for 2D and 3D Mapping Survey

Our drones can be used to 2D and 3D Aerial mapping services and then by using software that automatically converts images taken by drone and delivers highly precise, georeferenced 2D maps and 3D models. They’re customizable, timely, and compliment a wide range of applications and software.

The possibilities are endless, with the latest drones and technology at hand and a 14 years as a professional photographer and videographer and working with all the major companies around Australia, New Zealand and Japan, so lets discuss your needs and Call Stephen Phone No: 0407 936 745.

Our main philosophy is to keep it simple and safe.....

Our Equipment

Our Production Vehicle

- Winnebago Birdville.
- Licensed to carry 6 people.
- Sleeps 6 people.
- Air Conditioning or Heating.
- Shower and Toilet facilities.
- TV, DVD and Stereo.
- Refrigerator - Freezer.
- Kitchen with oven, microwave running water.
- Work Station - Desk with mirror and lighting.
- Generator - Out Door setting - Awning.

Our Drones UAVs

- Dji Inspire 1 4K Video, 12 meg Photos 3.5 kg, low risk Machine.
- Dji Phantom 3 Pro 4K Video, 12 meg Photos 1.3 kg, high risk Machine.
- Dji Phantom 4 4K Video, 12 meg Photos 1.4 kg, Medium risk Machine.

Our Camera Equipment

- Dji OSMO Stabilised Camera/Video 4K Video, 12 meg Photos with all Accessories.
- Canon 5D Mark III Camera/Video.
- Canon 7D Camera/Video.
- GoPro 4 Silver with all Accessories.
- Canon 24-70mm 2.8 L Lens.
- Canon 70-200mm 2.8 L Lens.
- Canon 100-400mm 4.5-5.6L IS II USM.
- Canon 100mm 2.8 L Lens.
- Tamron 14mm 2.8 L Lens.

Some Our Clients Include.

Risk Assessment Form, Drone Guy (Stephen Wark) works in a safe manner at all time, mindful of people, structures and obstacles and uses the latest drone and is aware of all the safety features i.e. Low battery return to home, obstacle avoidance sensors and the drone is inspected before all flights. Safety is the priority of every flight

When I arrive at jobsite Inspect jobsite preflight
Inspect Drone
Fill in SWMS
Company Name
Contact Name
Phone Number
Email Address
Date of Job to be performed
Project or Jobsite
Address of Project or Jobsite
Contact Name at Project or Jobsite
Task to be performed Aerial Photography
Aerial Filming
If other please give details
Ground Hazards and Risks No access to worksite
Construction Site
Private Property
Over Water
Safety Clothing
General Public
If other please give details
Aerial Hazards and Risks Trees
Hills or mountains
If other please give details
Wind Conditions Low
Weather Conditions Clear Blue Sky
Partly Cloudy
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