About Our Road Trip

Drone Guy and the Drone Guy Aussie Road Trip is all things photography, film and video from the air or on the ground. An adventure that takes us up and down the East Coast of Australia providing commercial photography and filming services and any where else customers need aerial services, as well as documenting this process, the people, landscapes, remote regions, towns and cities on our youtube channel along the way, to showcase the beauty this great country Australia has too offer.

The journey has begun, so why not book our services. Who it Works If you need an aerial shoot of your job or project just book us! We will plot a course to provide the services you need, this could be the next day or with in a minimum 3 weeks, depending where we are at the time. If your job/project is urgent we can come straight to you, but there will be a small travel per km charge.

You will also get to see how we do this, the people, the crew (up to 5 other crew members) that join us along the way and the different adventures this creates.

With a video episode uploaded every month at first, then every two weeks as we get into the Aussie Road Trip.

Your support helps put fuel in the tank, maintains the equipment and supply late afternoon drinks to smooth the video editing process etc...

So come join us and meet some of the people.

With a population of over 24 million people and over 100,000 people on their way around Australia at any one time, and 15000 towns and cities, come and meet some of them with us.

It will be as if you are on the road with us, the good the bad and the ugly, the whole production. Our aim is to show you our viewers not just the finished product but how we put it all together.

We have finally come up with a name for our home (motorhome/RV) "RV Dgart".

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Welcome Aboard.

Winnebago Esperance

Our motorhome Sleeps 6, the bathroom offers a separate shower with hot and cold running water, toilet and a vanity unit with more than ample storage. The cabin offers comfort, safety and plenty of room.

We have finally come up with a name for our home (motorhome/RV) "Dgart".

Beds Setup

Beds Not Setup


- Winnebago Esperance.
- Cab Iveco Daily.
- Licensed to carry 6 people.
- Sleeps 6 people.
- Air Conditioning or Heating.
- Shower and Toilet facilities.
- Hot and cold water.
- TV, DVD and Stereo.
- Refrigerator - Freezer.
- Kitchen with oven, microwave running water.
- Work Station.
- Desk with mirror and lighting.

Out Door Equipment

- Generator i2000 Honda.
- Hot and Cold outdoor shower.
- Out Door setting.
- Awning and ground matt.
- Mountain Bike.
- Crossfire 140cc Dirt Bike.
- Gas Heater.
- Barbecue.