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Based in Newcastle at the moment as we prepare for our Aussie Road Trip over the next year.

What we do with Drones - Aerial Cameras

With 16 years experience as professional commercial photographer both on the ground and in the air. We keep it simple: make your enquiry - we send quote - shoot job - hand over all imagery!

- Aerial Photography Video Filming services.
- 2D and 3D Aerial photography mapping survey.
- We sell drones UAV online, with professional advice.
- Drone setup and flight training school education Lessons.
- Real Estate development building construction mining, site inspections.
- Consulting services drone Photography and Filming videos.
- Photography Video Equipment rental Hire services.
- Production Vehicle, Road Trip, Long term hire.
- Helicopter Photography Video Filming.
- Agriculture, Farms, Land, Machinery.
* no job to big or small.

The Drones we use to Photograph and Film.

- The Dji Phantom 4 (medium drone) 12.4 meg photos.
- The Dji Phantom 4 Professional (large drone) 20 meg photos.

CASA Approved - ARN 1016901 - Public Liability $20m

Drone Guy, is a subsidiary of Aerial Photography Video.

Drone Guy Aussie Road Trip is a business adventure around Australia, aerial photography and filming regains, towns and cities across this great country Australia. It’s time to take drone technology on the road, to the people and showcase Australia's beauty through photography and film, in the air and on the ground. With a population of 23 513 564 people and over 100,000 people on their way around Australia at any one time, and 15000 towns and city, come and meet some of them with us.

Episode #7 first we go on a 6 day road adventure to Eden on the NSW Australia.

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Episode #6 Out Now
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Drone Guy Aussie Road Trip Episode #7
Episode #7 first we go on a 6 day road adventure to Eden on the NSW far south coast.

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Drone Guy Aussie Road Trip Episode #6
Episode #6 We go to Kellyville Sydney NSW Australia to film with a Dji Phantom 4 Pro.

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Finlay Cold Meat Salad on the road.

Finlay Cold Meat Salad comes from my mate that taught me how to grow my own sprout while on the road and then showed me how to use in a cold meat salad.
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